Platform-as-a-Service, built for developers

PaaSProvider offers a full SSD PaaS-based platform that runs High Availability PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, Ruby applications and Docker containers!

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High performance

State-of-the-art 100% Solid State Disks (SSD) with RAID-10 configuration provides a lightning fast response, thus improving the performance of your application significantly!


With Zero CC (Zero Code Changes), easily migrate your application to the launch, without rewriting any code. Start your environment in one click, deploy your project, countdown, and go live!

Automatic Scaling

PaaSProvider ensures seamless automatic scaling, both vertical and horizontal, for your applications, thus ensuring you never pay too much for your PaaS needs.

Meet Paas Provider, the technology.

Comprehensive Software Stack

PaaSProvider supports a vast number of languages, including Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, a variety of plugins like Maven, Eclipse, IDEA, NetBeans, and different systems like Git/SVN and MemCache.

Development cycle – OTAP

With rapid cloning environments, you can easily manage the entire application development process and improvement of application support; this enables you to transform instance in the development and production test environments with tools like Maven’s 1-click install.


Choose your pricing

  • Usage-based

    With a usage-based pricing model, you will pay according to the resources consumed every hour. Under this model, you can set a limit for maximum cloudlet consumption for every server within your environment.

  • Fixed

    With a fixed pricing model, you can dedicate a fixed amount of resources for every server within your environment. This way, you also set the fixed price to be payable for the usage of cloudlets.

  • Hybrid

    A hybrid pricing model is a combination of fixed and usage-based pricing. Under this model, you can set two limits for usage of cloudlets. Reserved cloudlets are the equivalent of fixed-pricing and dynamic cloudlets are similar to usage-based pricing.

Choose PaaSProvider’s Jelastic to pay by usage & not server size!