Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about PaaSProvider

Mention @paasprovider if you’ve got more questions and we’ll do our best to answer.


  • Does PaaSProvider provide a free trial?

    Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial so you can experience our world-class platform-as-infrastructure service offering without paying anything. To start your free trial, all you need to do is enter your email address (no credit card information is needed)!

  • What are the restrictions of the free trial?

    During the free-trial period, the following can be created:

    • Maximum 4 environments
    • In each environment, you can create maximum 2 load-balanced or high availability web/ application servers
    • For each server, maximum cloudlet limit is 64 cloudlets (8 GB RAM and 12.8 GHz)

    Features like public IP addresses, Virtual Private Server (VPS), and custom SSL are not included in the free trial.

  • What does a PaaSProvider environment mean?

    With PaaSProvider, servers are grouped in environments. This refers to a bunch of servers, all dedicated towards the same applications or websites. Between each of these servers, PaaSProvider automatically configures links on behalf of the clients.

    Every individual server in the PaaSProvider environment is exclusively dedicated to one client, and is not shared with anyone else. This ensures high performance, unparalleled flexibility, and robust security.

  • Can my existing application be migrated to PaaSProvider?

    Yes, our experienced team of technicians can seamlessly migrate your existing websites or web applications to PaaSProvider without any extra charge. We provide 24×7 support to address any issues you may face during the migration process.

    All you need to do is contact us, and we’ll start the migration whenever you want!

  • Is it possible to host more than one domain?

    While PaaSProvider is meant for hosting one large domain within each environment, you can host multiple domains. There are two ways of doing this: a) through creation of multiple environments, or b) through configuration of virtual hosts within a single environment. Contact our technical support team, and we will help you with the most suitable solution.

  • Is email hosting a part of PaaSProvider’s services?

    All application servers of PaaSProvider enable sending of emails from the local web server. However, it is advisable that your scripts be integrated with a specialist provider of email services.

    Our PaaS offerings do not include inbound email or mailboxes. If you want inbound email, this can be done by redirecting your mail exchanger (MX) records to external email services providers like Gmail or Outlook.


  • For which resources do I need to pay?

    All costs of PaaSProvider are based on resources utilized by you, and not for resources allocated to you.

    There are 4 key resources that you will pay for:

    • Cloudlets
    • Disk storage space (you don’t have to pay for the first 10 GB)
    • Traffic (first 2GB/hour or nearly 1.4TB/month comes free)
    • Public IP addresses

  • What do you mean by a cloudlet?

    A cloudlet is a standard billing unit for PaaSProvider’s services. Each cloudlet is worth 128 MB RAM and 200 MHz CPU. Every server of PaaSProvider has multiple cloudlets. For example, 10 cloudlets will provide 1.28 GB RAM and 2 GHz of CPU power.

    The number of cloudlets allocated to your servers at any point in time varies, depending on the resources required by your application.

  • How can I know how many cloudlets I have used?

    In the PaaSProvider dashboard, you can view your cloudlet consumption in real time. The dashboard also shows real-time statistics of other key metrics like CPU, RAM, and disk space used by each server within each of your environments.

  • What are reserved cloudlets and dynamic cloudlets?

    We offer two cloudlet models: Reserved cloudlets and dynamic cloudlets. The cost per cloudlet varies, based on the type of cloudlet model chosen by you.

    In the reserved cloudlet model, we reserve certain cloudlets specifically for you. You pay for all the reserved cloudlets, irrespective of how many cloudlets you use. Reserved cloudlets are available at a discounted price and are ideal for those who require a certain minimum cloudlets each month.

    Dynamic cloudlets are added and removed in real-time, based on your cloudlet needs. You can use as many cloudlets as you want, subject to a maximum scaling limit.

  • What is the ideal number of cloudlets for my need?

    It’s very hard to predict how many cloudlets you will need each month. By choosing PaaSProvider’s usage-based pricing, you don’t have to worry about buying a fixed amount of cloudlets each month (which is the case with other PaaS offerings). You only pay for the resources actually used by your application.

  • How to control the budget?

    As mentioned above, you can choose a maximum scaling limit for every individual server within your PaaS environment. This way you set a limit on the maximum resources that can be utilized by your application, and thus control your budget.

  • What is the cost of disk space?

    For each environment, we offer 10GB disk space for free. For additional disk space, the cost is __/month per GB.

  • What is the cost of external traffic?

    We offer free internet traffic of 2 GB/hour (nearly 1.4 TB per month). Based on your traffic volume, additional traffic costs __/month.

  • What is the cost of internal traffic?

    There is no charge for any data transferred internally from one server to another (while using private IP addresses).

  • What is the cost of public IP addresses?

    Public IP addresses cost __/month.