There are two main components of cloud computing: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). IaaS is used by enterprises as an alternative to traditional computing infrastructure such as hardware, servers, bandwidth, etc. PaaS is useful from a software programming point of view, as it can be used for hosting all the essential infrastructure used in software development. Platform-as-Infrastructure is a combination of IaaS and PaaS. In this article, we try and understand Platform-as-Infrastructure in detail.

Platform-as-Infrastructure is much more than PaaS

The PaaS services offered by PaaSProvider are much more than traditional PaaS. Our services include all the functionalities of traditional PaaS along with a full-fledged computing infrastructure (just like IaaS).


Features of Platform-as-Infrastructure:

Some of the key features of our Platform-as-Infrastructure offering include:

Support to several programming languages: Since its early days, PaaSProvider has been supporting a large number of programming languages. At present, we support Java, PHP and Ruby. In the coming period, we are planning to add support to programming languages like Python, .Net, and Node.js.

Automated scaling: PaaSProvider supports automated scaling of applications, either upward or downward, based on the demand situation.

Application-aware infrastructure: This means if any particular applications are misbehaving or causing trouble to the functioning of the overall infrastructure, resources can be instantly pulled back from such applications, thus minimizing the damage.

Simple Graphical User Interface (GUI): PaaSProvider provides two easy-to-use GUIs to manage your PaaS environment. The first GUI is for developers, which enables them to set up and manage their application environment, without any involvement from IT. The second is a master GUI for the IT department or the hosting provider; this GUI is used for controlling the entire PaaS environment.

Ease-of-Deployment: PaaSProvider ensures easy deployment of the entire PaaS infrastructure. Also, there’s no risk of human errors or security loopholes during the installation stage.

Highest application density: By supporting all types of applications, PaaSProvider provides the highest application density. The best part is that users don’t have to worry about coding any complicated or proprietary APIs.

Ready-to-use cloud environment: PaaSProvider provides a ready-to-use cloud environment, which can be deployed instantly.

Who can use Platform-as-Infrastructure?

Platform-as-Infrastructure is used by hosting service providers as well as organizations.

Hosting providers can instantly provide to developers a PaaS environment that has advanced functionality and high application density. Developers get access to a sophisticated application environment that provides superior performance at minimal cost.

Organizations can use the platform-as-infrastructure offering of PaaSProvider for building a secure private cloud, which can be scaled instantly.


Overall, the Platform-as-Infrastructure offering of PaaSProvider is highly beneficial for hosting providers and enterprises. When compared to traditional PaaS, the technology offers unparalleled advantages with minimum hassles.

PaaSProvider has offered the Platform-as-Infrastructure solution to several large organizations across the globe.

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