Pricing model

Our pricing models are clubbed under three main categories

PaaSProvider’s services are competitively priced and are designed in a dynamic and flexible way. We provide highly versatile billing options. Customers can choose to pay for the services they use or subscribe the services at a fixed price, or they can mix the models together and create a customized plan that suits them best. PaaSProvider also offers automatic volume discounts, which means your pricing automatically comes down as you use more resources.


Set Your Usage Model

This model allows customers to set a scaling limit forecasting the maximum limit in “cloudlets”. A cloudlet is a set amount of resources (CPU+RAM) that is accounted for billing. Using this model, you can set the maximum cloudlets you would want to use for each server that you need. Usage is counted on an hourly basis.

The platform automatically adds cloudlets to your servers as and when the application needs them. These cloudlets are dynamic in nature and will also be automatically reduced as your app’s requirement decreases. The model leaves you worrying less about usage and cost as it automatically controls allocation to ensure you get the most for your dollars.

With this model, you can have a preset budget by setting a scaling limit. The scaling limit defines a number of units that a server can consume and in turn, ensures you never pay anything more than you intend to. The limit is also set separately for each server – you have the liberty to choose which server needs how many resources.


Fixed Pricing Model

In this model, you choose a set number of units you wish each of your servers are allocated. This model will ensure that the servers are always provided with the units reserved and costing will be based on the total number of units preset. Billing will not go over or below the limit set by you.

This model makes it mandatory for you to pay what’s committed. However, it will also help you allocate a defined budget for your applications’ cloud usage. Talk to us to understand this model and to avail discounts if any (depending on the usage amount you wish to subscribe to).


Mixed Model

The mixed model allows you to opt for both usage-based and fixed models. With this option, you can set two different unit limits.

Here, the first marker shows the minimum number of units you want to commit to (forecasting your app’s resource needs). This is very helpful when applications need a minimum of resources to run irrespective of the traffic. This method allows you enjoy discounts as well as a minimum amount of units is always reserved. You will need to pay for this part of the subscription regardless of the actual usage.

The next part of this model is allows to leverage on Unit Scaling limit that will enable the platform to dynamically set a maximum number of units that can be added as and when required by the application. This part of the pricing, as with the Set Your Usage model, will only result in you paying for the amount of units the application is using.

Choosing from one of the three pricing models depends entirely on your need!

  • If you are sure you need a certain number of dedicated resources each month, you should opt for the fixed pricing model.
  • If you don’t know how many resources you will need, you should opt for a set-your-usage pricing model.
  • And if you’re sure about using a certain minimum units of resources, but feel your requirements may exceed the minimum units, you should opt for the mixed model.

Contact us now and we will help you choose a pricing model suited for your business need.